Huxley mixes 1Trax into another

Something of a regular on these pages, and one of London’s fastest rising DJ talents, will release a meld of music for a particularly notable UK imprint next month. Introductions over then, here are the details.

Michael Dodman, AKA Huxley, will be familiar to most of our readers after making a name for himself via club sets filled with deep house, garage, and associated beats, not to mention production work for labels like Tsuba, Leftroom, and Hypercolour (on which his anthem Let It Go was released). All of which means, according to the natural order of things, he’s about time for a mix album.

Enter London’s 1Trax then, the eleven-year-old organisation that previously gave us sets of records chosen by fellow British stars Subb-an and Matt Tolfrey. For the third in its compilation series we open with a track from the selector and Sam Russo, moving quickly through names like Maya Jane Coles, Nina Kraviz, Jordan Peak, Luke Solomon, Little Fritter, and Gavin Herlihy. Full details below, more information on the end of this link. Oh yeah, and you can grab a copy from any right minded store once it’s released on August 13th.

Various Artists ‘1Trax Three mixed by Huxley’

1. Huxley & Sam Russo ‘Don’t Undastand’
2. Shenoda ‘Shots’
3. Jordan Peak ‘Work’
4. Shenoda ‘Moments’ (Huxley Rmx) EXCLUSIVE
5. Joshua Iz & Diz ‘It Iz What it Iz’ (Luke Solomon Main Mix)
6. Maya Jane Coles ‘Dazed’ (Huxley Rmx) EXCLUSIVE
7. Nyra ‘Best Of’
8. Gavin Herlihy ‘Get Loose’
9. Huxley ‘Let It Go’
10. AND.ID ‘Erotica’
11. Baunz ‘808s Pausetapes And Other Shit’
12. Robert Owens ‘I’ll be Your Friend’ (Dzeta n Basile Rmx)
13. Little Fritter & Zare ‘I Want it Back’ (Luna City Express Rmx)
14. Nina Kraviz ‘Okain’s Scream’ (Sebo K Rmx)
15. Mosca ‘Square One’ (Julio Bashmore Longhorn Rmx)
16. 24Hour Experience ft Lorraine Lowe ‘Give Me That Love’ (Groove Mix)