An interview with Tommy Trash ahead of Mau5trap’s Warehouse Party.

Tommy Trash brings the image of a true rock superstar to the dance music stage. The hard partying Australian DJ/producer famed for his riotous live shows, making ARIA Award-nominated Tommy Trash one of dance music’s rising stars. Tommy has dominated charts and dance floors alike with over 50 originals and remixes, quickly establishing himself as one of dance music’s uber talented and prolific artists. His music has been released by many of the finest dance music labels across the world including Axtone, Cr2, Dim Mak, Great Stuff, mau5trap, Ministry Of Sound, Mixmash, Musical Freedom, Pinkstar, Rising, Stealth, Subliminal and Toolroom. He joins the likes of Noisia, Bare Noize and Foreign Beggars on July 7th at Great Suffolk Warehouse, London for LWE Presents Mau5trap, so we caught up with him before the occasion…

You are a very prolific producer – how many tracks do you have on your computer?

Unfinished tunes would go into the hundreds. I’m pretty much making new stuff every day! Most of it just doesn’t get polished up and released though!

Do you prefer remixing or writing originals or…? How do you approach them differently?

I love doing both. Right now though I’m focusing more on originals as I’ve had a good run at the remix thing. I do love remixing because in a way it’s a way of collaborating your own material with that of the original artist.

And what is it that inspires you most, musically or otherwise?

I get inspired by so many things, but honestly, music is still the thing that inspires me the most. A very close second would be love.

There’s a large element of rock in your music and performances- is that fair? Has that often been your aim?

I just do what I do. I grew up playing in rock bands and listening to that kind of music, so naturally it’s going to come through in what I do. I just be myself and let what happens happen.

How did you first hook up with mau5trap? Does Joel get involved with the music you make for his label?

It was actually Chris Lake who brought me into the fold when I moved to London last year. We’re working on some original material for mau5trap in addition to the remix that I did for Joel.

You have collaborated a lot, too, why do you like that? Does it force you to work differently?

I love creating under different conditions and collaborating is a way of doing that. I love working with people and having their input into the creative process. Also, it gets pretty lonely sitting in the studio all day with no one to talk to!!

What should people expect from you at the mau5trap Warehouse Party?

I’m definitely going to play heavier and more underground than what I’d play at my normal club gigs. I’ll still play a lot of my own material though, new and old.

What else have you got coming up?

I have some collaborations with Sebastian Ingosso, A-Trak, Congorock. Also I have some originals happening on Musical Freedom and Refune!

What do you like to do outside of music?

At this point in time, not a lot! It’s pretty time consuming for me right now. I do love a game of table tennis or lawn bowls though!

Catch Tommy Trash at the LWE presents mau5trap London Warehouse Party

Saturday 7th July: 10pm to 6am

Great Suffolk Street Warehouse, SE1 0NR

Plain and Simple are running a competition to win a pair of tickets! Head over to our competition page to enter!