Various Artists ’22 Digit- Remixed, Remastered, and Re-Released Vol 2′

Various Artists / Remixed, Remastered, and Re-Released Vol 2


22 Digit Records / Released June 2012


What does it sound like? 

House sounds to match the standards previously set by Newcastle’s 22 Digit Records, one time 80 labels imprint of focus and all round Geordies with taste. From the twisted analogue dubby tech stylings of Tom Ellis’ reworking of Stroboscopic from Melos & Kyber, to the rawer, upbeat organ stabs of Ricardo Jefferson’s Spacecrafty (re-realised by Dan Drastic, complete with flute interlude) it’s an impressively understated package destined to do well on deeper floors. This is before we’ve mentioned Pedramovich’s tougher, bass-driven percussive re-reading of Michael McLardy’s Yellow Brick Road, and the warm timbre, beach side BBQ and brass ethic inherent in the YokoO Crystal edit of Jerico’s Auto Type. 

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

Pete Weasel’s cut up of Ludowick’s Monoplastic, all runaway bleeps and lunging bassline, is certainly the most peak time outing here, and as a result is arguably most memorable; not that the rest of the tracks don’t do their jobs very well indeed (not least William Welt’s wideloaded, spacey, patient take on Melos & Kyber’s Boo Boo The Fool.

Where can I buy it?