An Interview with David Morales ahead of Hard times in Leeds this weekend.

David is an internationally acclaimed Grammy-winning house music DJ and producer who, in addition to his production and DJ work, transforms many pop music songs into club-friendly dance tracks. Since 1993 his albums and tracks like “Needing You” have been seminal, never leaving the record bags of true house fans, whilst as a DJ David was first recognised by Larry Levan and became huge on the NYC scene playing legendary venues like The Loft, Paradise Garage and The Sound Factory. He has a new album coming soon this summer and plays a very special Hard Times revival party at Leeds Warehouse on Sunday June 3rd. Plain and Simple grabbed 5 minutes to see what he has in store.

How are you? What’s been keeping you busy? 

I’m great. I’ve been very busy with my new album and various productions.

How have your tastes evolved recently?

I’m still a house head. But I also like tribal, tech, techno or should I say “good music”. I love the new technology. I mean nothing will ever beat vinyl.

What are your memories of Hard Times?

I have crazy fond memories of Hard Times. First of all the music and the vibe was a whole other thing. And Steve is a music man so he made sure that foremost it was all about the music.

How has the scene changed since back in the day? 

Music and the technology for one. Its not just about the music anymore. Its all about booking a DJ that has the latest record. Clubs are booking people that are not even DJ’s. I mean everyone and their mother is a DJ/producer. Its pathetic. No one is selling a “party” anymore. Its all dependent on the DJ.

What’s kept you motivated and excited over the years? 

Music is my life. I love what I do. I’m not in it for the fame or the glory. I’ve watched this go from nothing to something. Its why I’m still here.

Do you get the same feeling from house music you always have? Or do you get your kicks from other styles/genres now?

The best feeling will always be from a house record to me. Vocals have more sentiment than a soulless, mindless track.

‘Needing You’ was a massive track for you. Where did you get your inspiration from? 

Needin U was me just messing around in the studio w 2 disco records. It was never meant to be released. I released it only after people asked me to release it.

What should people expect from you at HT in Leeds soon? 

Expect The Legend to rock the HOUSE lol!!!!

What else you got coming up/are you working on? 

I have my new single with Roisin Murphy called “Golden Era” on Ultra Records and a new album in June. I also have some other projects in the works.

What do you like to do outside of music?

I love to watch movies, workout and enjoy life.