An Interview with Trevino before his set at London’s ‘Roost”

Trevino Q&A

Ahead of Roost’s next event on May 26th at Relay aka Cable, where Trevino joins Gerry Read [LIVE], we decided to delve a little deeper in to ‘Trevino’ – Marcus Intalex’s new House/Techno guise. With fairly limited information on his new project, a flurry of quality limited releases and the promise of many more lined up on the release schedule, he is causing a right old stir!

Recent cuts following ‘Chip’ on Martyns’ 3024 imprint , such as ‘Derelict/’Buried’ on Naked Lunch and his remix of Sepalcure just released on Hotflush have been getting huge props already.

This Q&A draws upon his influences, intended uncomfortableness, D&B crossover, studio quirks, upcoming material and much more.

Time to learn a little bit more about the mysterious Trevino…

Q: Has house and techno always been something you have worked on regularly alongside your D&B productions?

A: I guess the answer to that is yes and no. Yes i would occasionally attempt to do 4/4 stuff but on 99 percent of the attempt, it would be so rubbish that i would be put me off for months. When my passion was mostly focussed on D&B I guess it just seemed like a pipe dream to be able to do house also, you really need to submerge yourself within music to get the best out of it and I guess I was too deep into D&B to really let the House and Techno juices flow. These days I’m just into producing, I have a real passion for the studio, something that started maybe 18 months ago and is easily the most productive period of my music making life.

Q: With a past of fairly limited house/techno releases, including “Taking Over Me” with Lee Davenport; what was the decision to make 2011 the year to start your Trevino project?

A: I guess for the above reason of just enjoying the studio so much. I have to say the other main reason for being so invigorated is the switch of production software I made in the studio. I really believe that switching to Ableton Live saved my career. I also liked what was happening to the sound of the new UK underground, the fusion of the Dubstep sound into something a little more House and Techno really appealed to me. In a way it took me back to the early 90’s, a period which I enjoyed immensely.

Q: Production wise, personally for us many D&B identities pop out in all Trevino tracks. Give us an insight into Trevino in the studio, the production approach and Trevino’s gear lust?

A: I’m all software, I really enjoy synthesising but feel that you can get what you want inside the box, you just have to get stuck in, mess and experiment, I love the workflow of Ableton Live, it’s so much fun, the Native Instruments plugs are great too, in fact there’s a whole number of great sounding soft synths out there…

Q: Is there less pressure when writing Trevino material rather than those under your other drum and bass monikers? do you feel more freedom within the creative process, as essentially it’s a new chapter?

A: Again that’s yes and no. I can say I am just making music I have always wanted to, so I do feel a freedom but the pressure comes from within the House and Techno scene. There are so many amazing producers out there, people that really set the benchmark high, so i feel like I’m in the chasing pack trying to learn how to get my sound to the next level, trying to break through into a scene full of amazing talent. It drives me on. The pressure is now off when i am making D&B. I have nothing to prove and since I started this Trevino thing I have felt more relaxed about the D&B side. I’m really enjoying making both styles at the moment, I’m just being creative and having fun…

Q: What tracks / Artists are doing it for Trevino at the moment?

A: I love Shed, quite simply he’s the man for me, he cannot do anything wrong. I enjoy Marcel Dettmann very much, Pepe Braddock is one of my all-time musical heroes. Boddika is obviously smashing it, Mike Denhert and the Fachwerk crew make great music. Some of Kinks stuff is great, Dexter, Soundstream, Conforce, Gesloten Cirkel… I can go on and on. It’s scary, there is so much, I think I like a bit of it all, from the UK bass sound to deep house and everything in between.

Q: With forthcoming tracks such as ‘Juan Two Five’ (forthcoming on Craig Richards’ label: Nothing Special) the Detroit influences are very clear. Which producers, labels etc. have influenced your Trevino direction?

A: I fell in love with the Detroit sound in the late eighties, messrs May, Saunderson and Atkins absolutely changed everything for me, that period when all their stuff was coming out was so amazing. All the stuff stands the test of time. Techno is a thriving great big evolving movement 25 years later, but i really think that period is the best musically and all down to three guys laying down the blueprint. Amazing really, amazing that i can get inspired from that period and it’s still sounding relevant today. Carl Craig, Underground Resistance, Drexiya etc – what an output of incredible ground breaking music from one City.

Q: Along with a few other D&B producers out there approaching other genres and getting it right, an example being Endian from Commix who is putting out great music; it must be nice to flow outside of your normal circle, and guess you are playing in some amazing spaces which you might not have within your D&B guise in the past?

A: One of the main reasons I did Trevino was to put myself back into situations where i was uncomfortable. Getting pre gigs nerves, thinking and worrying about gigs – I haven’t done that in years. In order to make oneself better, stronger, more accomplished, you have to put yourself into new situations. I am forever learning and trying to make myself a more rounded individual. I just needed reinvigorating. I’ve been in this game over 20 years and an occasional refresh is exactly what I need to keep up the enthusiasm. Playing underground music and being true to your own beliefs takes a lot out of you emotionally so it’s just nice that people are finding the Trevino sound enjoyable… it means a lot to me.

Q: What’s coming up from the mysterious Trevino over the next few months?

A: Next up is Backtracking with Jaun two five, that’s on Craig Richards label on the 21st of April. After that the revolver 12″/ep with Discovery, Tweakonomics, Lag and Shorty. Then an Apple Pips 12″ with Indulge and Under Surveillance and another 12″ for 3024 which i am practically just putting the finishing touches too. Maybe a couple more twelve’s for the end of the year, then see what 2013 has in store.

Q: Can we anticipate any Trevino collaborations? Are there any artists in particular you would like to work with if so?

A: I seem to work best alone, I just press things until something good comes out, it can sound a bit amateur to others so I like to keep those embarrassing moments to myself. I so want to try some vocal things and maybe something with some real orchestration live strings and what have ya… lets see…

Q: What can we expect at your gig with Roost at Relay/Cable alongside Gerry Read later this month?

A: An ageing but very enthusiastic amateur Techno and House dj with a laptop full of good music, I am really looking forward to it.


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Roost presents: Gerry Read (Live), Trevino & Friends

Relay – London – Price £6.00+BF early booking
 Gerry Read (live) (Delsin, Ramp Recordings), Trevino aka Marcus Intalex (3024, Revolver, Naked Lunch), James Wright & Tristan Grace (Roost), Fold! (HomePark/Manmakemusic), Lawson (NTS Live)