An interview with Alex Picone

For the first ever time in the UK, international DJ and production sensation Luciano is bringing his Vagabundos crew to party together in the UK. As well as the Cadenza boss himself, the likes of Reboot (live show), Maayan Nidam & Alex Picone will all play together at Proud2 with a massive custom built Vagabundos stage alongside a specially designed sound system and production to match.

The date for this sensational party is Saturday May 5th and we caught up with Alex Picone ahead of the event…

How’s your year been?

It started very well with a long tour/vacation for the entire month of January: I was in Brazil, Chile, Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paolo, Santiago, Vinal Del mar, San Pedro de Atacama…I had also the opportunity to play at the “Quinto Sol Festival” in Satiago de Chile. And it keeps on going well at the moment, can’t complain.

What’s been your best discovery musical or otherwise?

Lately I’ve been keeping an ear on what’s coming out of the UK scene, be it “uk funky, post garage, dubstep” or however you want to call it…I must say that there’s a lot of artists from the UK that are keeping myself interested, people like Ben Ufo, Blawan, Peverlist. Recently the best discovery has been a very young producer called “Tessela”: he was so good that I had him remixing the next release on my label Vae Victis.

Have your music tastes evolved this year? What’s got you excited?

Well, I’m not playing what I was playing last year, not just the tunes, I mean style wise. As said before, since I’ve been influenced by all these new producers, you can see that in my sets. And not just there: I’ve recently opened a label “Vae Victis” and if you have a look at its catalogue you can clearly see what I mean.

Any plans for a full-length album?

I’ve spent the last 15 years producing, perfecting my sound, studying it, testing new hardware, mixers, tape recorders…I’m finally ready for an artist album, something I’m already working on

What have been the highlights gig-wise? Where are you favourite types of place to play?

Well I must surely say the Burning Man festival, an experience that goes far beyond words. It’s been simply something out of this world… is that place on Earth? Also Villalobos’ “Quinto Sol Festival” in Chile has been truly an amazing experience, probably the best of this year yet.

How did you hook up with the Cadenza agency? Why join them?

In 2008 I gave some music to Luciano, he played the tracks many times and then he decided to sign them and release them as “Furby and Floppy EP”…After the success of that EP, he asked me to join the agency.

What should people expect from you at Vagabundos in London?

My usual recipe: a balanced mix of new and old quality house and techno, plus the occasional surprise straight out of my studio 😉

What does being part of the Vagabundos mean for you?

To get lost with music and people around the world

Who are you on the day to day outside music?

Well, I’m taking care of my two labels: MUS, which is the label where I release all my collaboration projects, and it’s focused on more “raw” sounds. And the other one that I mentioned earlier called “Vae Victis”, where the focus is on music produced exclusively with hardware and to explore new sounds and influences.

What else you got coming up?

I’ve got a new EP coming out soon on MUS which is the debut of my new collaboration project called HANDSUP done together with my brothers Lucretio & Marieu (Analogue Cops/Restoration/Appointment) and we’re also gonna do a live show at Pacha on the 26th August. In the beginning of May On Vae Victis, there’s the EP from “Die Roh – Van Draft EP” with Tessela on remix duties. In June I’m looking forward to the release of my collaboration with Argy .

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