Chris Carrier ‘Thrashin EP’

Chris Carrier / Thrashin EP 

Vinyl / Digital 

Act Natural Records / Released April 2012


What does it sound like? 

Frenchman Chris Carrier- who should need little introduction after showcasing his contagiously stepping house grooves on imprints like Robsoul and Freak n Chic for some time now- gets involved in a hands across the water moment with the seventh release for London’s Act Natural. And, much in the same way as many of his previous outings, it’s all about hypnotic hooks and rolling, drummy tracks to make you get your head down.

Thrashin itself is a trance-inducing number, with its synth line resonating into the distance, providing the perfect soundtrack to smoked out dancefloors, all the while the boxfresh beats ensure things are clean and crisp enough not too be overly murky. In contrast the track’s Deep Mix takes things into clearer vocal-led territory as classic soul-filled lyrics cry out above high-pitched synths and strings. It could well be something from the mid-90s, which prepares you well for the 80s onslaught that is Mighty Grip, all sand filled drum smashes, MPC breakbeats, men going “oih” and siren refrains. Oh, and we almost forgot The Allnighter‘s expansive wall of synth, keyboard melody and glittering chords making for a kind of funky darkroom sound.

What higlights can I expect to hear?

Whether you’re into nostalgia or not Mighty Grip takes some beating, what with overwhelmingly positive vibes therein. Then again those looking for serious house music may want to leave it on Thrashin, or the more acidic, dirtier Allnighter.

Where can I buy it?