Deniz Kurtel preps Wolf + Lamb LP, MCR and Leeds live dates

Around 12 months after she made a debut appearance on Crosstown Rebels Turkey’s most famous female producer has another album lined up. A host of collaborations make up the format, with a particularly en vogue U.S. label providing the platform this time round.

The Way We Live will be Deniz Kurtel’s second LP in as many years, which is impressive to say the least. So is the fact she has managed to get the likes of Tanner Ross, Gadi Mizrahi, Soul Clap, Wolf + Lamb (whose eponymous label is behind the release), and Kenny Glasgow to turn in appearances on said long player. The package drops on Monday, June 4th, and you can also catch the lady in question playing at Stinky’s Peephouse in Leeds on May 26th, with a date far later in the diary (August 4th) at Manchester’s Sankeys. Full tracklist below, more details available by clicking here, but before you do don’t forget to take a look at the videos at the bottom of the page.


Deniz Kurtel / The Way We Live 

1. I Knew This Would Happen with Tanner Ross feat. PillowTalk

2.You Know It’s True with Gadi Mizrahi

3. Love Triangle (Instrumental) with Wolf + Lamb

4. The Way We Live with Gadi Mizrahi

5. Hypocrite with Gadi Mizrahi

6. Right On with Gadi Mizrahi feat. Michael Franti

7. Don’t Wanna Be with Kenny Glasgow

8. Safe Word with Soul Clap feat. Navid Izadi

9. Wake Me up with PillowTalk & Thugfucker

10. Blackness with PillowTalk & Thugfucker

11. Thunder Clap with Voices of Black

12. The Beat Drops with Tanner Ross feat. Jules Born