Ben Sims ‘Slow Motion (with Rob Hood, Skudge, Rolando rmxs)’

Ben Sims / Slow Motion (with Rob Hood, Skudge, Rolando rmxs)


Theory / Released March 2012


What does it sound like? 

Techno heaven as Ben Sims thanks us all for waiting so patiently for his rather enjoyable debut LP of last year by unleashing no less than six tracks of the tough stuff. The opener, and title track achieved some attention thanks to Marcel Fenglerʼs Bergain mix, and here it’s no less a well conceived blend of hypnotic, sweeping off-key organs and mechanical beats than it was when we first heard it on said compilation. Noisy stuff.

Skudge then delivers a quality remix, opting for more shuffling percussion and a building rave-organ line that should remind a few of white gloves, if nothing else. Elsewhere two more of Sims’ original productions also feature. New Blood boasts sledgehammer heavy kicks, old school lyrical flairs, and a driving purpose, which when matched with spiralling chords creates a wonderfully old school edged package.

If anyone can outdo the British hero though it’s living Detroit legend Robert Hood, who recuts New Blood with brain-frying looped vocal stabs, classic juggernaut kick drums and, as per usual, very little else- other than reversed synth, a jacking two-key hook, and various hi-hat patterns. The result is minimalism in its finest, most enjoyable form.

In contrast fellow techno heavyweight Rolando chooses a bigger, though no less refined route fans of traditional main(and dark)room styles will appreciate. Finally we have the aptly titled wasp-in-a-jar fret-string melody onslaught that is Straight From Bolivia, a track that’s sense of urgency and edginess, along with the air mechanical funk, is such that it will do serious damage when heard by 6AM ears. Quite the bumper bundle then.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

The original, Hood, and Rolando remixes of New Blood are most proficient at engaging feet and mind. A difficult decision but a valid one, we’d say.

Where can I buy it?