Quality video by UK newcomers colo, streaming here

Last year Take Records struck gold several times, with curs from Jack Dixon & Robin Card, Eliphino, Ramadanman, and Locked Groove. Now it looks like the imprint, which apparantly “aim[s] to release deep, (hopefully) exciting music without a preference for genre” is set to continue into 2012, what with the first record coming in the form of a stunning, difficult to define piece of homegrown electronica.

colo are two classically trained British producers that clearly understand a thing or two about melody- whether distored or clean- and carry a torch for old school machines on which to create such sounds. Their forthcoming EP, Midday Sun, arrives on March 12th, and contains the track Picture of You. The arrangement has nothing to do with the rather similar titled song by The Cure, as you can see from the forthcoming clip. Regardless it’s very, very good as we’re sure you’ll agree.