Zurich’s Hive celebrates six years with new album

It’s one of the most forward thinking nocturnal destinations in western Europe, combining quality dancefloor design with and artistic ethos. As such we can expect some cutting edge sounds on a new LP scheduled for release next month to mark this year’s anniversary.

Hive, arguably Zurich’s finest club, will celebrate six years of dancing in 2012, and on April 12th 6 Years of Hive will be unveiled, on unmixed digital and vinyl, which comes via the venue’s own Hive Audio imprint. Artists like Luna City Express, Matthias Meyer, Sis, David Keno, and Jan Blomqvist will all contribute to the release. Made up entirely of exclusive music, the package has been curated by Animal Trainer (AKA Hive bossmen Adrian Wollhaf and Samuel Gmur). For more details click here to find the label’s website, though we’ve put the full tracklist at the bottom of this page anyway.

Various Artists / 6 Years of Hive

1. Jan Blomqvist – I Don ́t Think About You

2. David Keno – I Know Now

3. Adriatique – Freakin

4. Animal Trainer – Lazy Fat Bird

5. SIS – Ilkbahar

6. Matthias Meyer – Free Your Mind

7. Luna City Express – Take That

8. Rampa & Re.You ft. Kissey – Say My Name

9. Benja & Reto Ardour – Fellas

10. Niko Schwind – Searchin