Luke Solomon ‘Ultrasound (with remixes)’

Luke Solomon / Ultrasound (with remixes)

Vinyl / Digital 

Fullbarr / Released January 2011


What does it sound like? 

One big, proud, spanking mainroom outing from a guy who should be close to the heart of any fan of UK four-fours. Luke Solomon’s timeless approach is present and correct here, with Ultrasound‘s original arrangement finding itself firmly in the upbeat, jaunty (?!), electro-leaning house canon that brings smiles to faces and bounce to dancefloors.

A far cry from dull, deeper than thou fare it’s as refreshing as an afternoon spent drinking with an old friend you haven’t seen in a while, and equally unpredictable (as one would expect from such a distinguished producer). After kicking off with the positivity of a Prozac addled optimist the track descends into layered vocals that would appear to partly comprise choir-like chants and 80s soundtrackers Yello. Weird and darker than you thought, nevertheless the universal dancefloor potential is unquestionable.

There are also some hugely enjoyable remixes on offer too. Zurich based producer Kalabrese, most noted for his Perlon output, comes up with a kind of earthy take on things, expanding the percussion and building more layers of melody- not unlike Henrik Schwarz. Playhouse’s LoSoul also messes with the original track, stripping back and planting a few toybox sounds about the place, leaving the perfect raw and drummy ingredients to sustain atmosphere (see also ‘extended breakdowns packed with faux drops’). And, finally, Solomon himself apparently loses his mind in a trumpeted frenzy with the 1.2 Horn Version, wherein ascending low ends meet frantic brass.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

We’d jump straight for the filthy LoSoul re-edit or impossible to ignore Original, but then that’s just our opinion.

Where can I buy it? 

Good quality record stores.