Amsterdam Dance Event unveils 2012 dates

Time to get booking some flights then. With last year’s four day marathon now fading from our minds (it was, after all, four months ago) we can all start planning our next trip to Holland’s most liberal city for another instalment of its annual clubbing conference.

OK, so it’s more of a party than anything else, as performances from the likes of Aeroplane, Alex Flatner, Andrew Weatherall, Gregor Tresher, M.A.ND.Y., Dixon, Michael Mayer, and Caribou (to name but a handful) all proved in 2011. But still, there’s a lot more too it than just bustling dancefloors packed with memorable moments, and this time round looks set to be almost no different.

As the biggest international conference and festival devoted to electronic things the Amsterdam Dance Event is unarguably legendary, and as of this year will extend to no less than five days of partying- increasing the opening hours by a full 24. The 17th edition of the almighty session will kick off on October 17th, and run until the 21st, with organisers expecting 140,000 plus revellers, and 3,000 delegates to arrive from over 60 countries. Quite the party to be seen at then, more information is on the end of this link, and we’ll be keeping close tabs on the lineup announcements as 2012 progresses.