We speak to Nina Kraviz ahead of her set at Jaded’s 7th Bday this Weekend + Comp winners announced!

How has your month been?
Hello, my month’s been very intense. I was busy with traveling. I did some impossible number of gigs.. But apart from that I was going through some changes in my life..

You are originally from Siberia, where do you currently live now?
I am still based In Moscow. That means that most of my things are there. But I can’t really say where I live now because I travel most of the time and sometimes do not show up in Moscow for a month… So I guess am a world citizen at the moment;)

You’ve previously said your house was full of music when you were growing up, your mum and dad sound very cool! Can you tell us what kind of music was playing?
My dad’s been always into good rock music, all kinds of pop and also these bands that were really edgy… You can’t really say what kind of music they play… Jazz-Rock? Fusion? Blood Sweat and Tears for example or Weather Report? Jean Luc Ponti. Avant-garde is one word..  And of course I got this love for Grace Jones from my dad. We both like her so much:) mom is more into capturing coolest sounds in music in general. No matter what it is. I think she’ s really cool mom.. With lots of good taste;)

Do you think this influenced your style in anyway?
Definately it did. Yes, yes, yes…

I also read you listened to a radio show called ‘Garage’ that played electronic music, back in 1996.  Would you say it was this that got you into this style of music?
Yes, indeed. I was shocked. Never heard anything like this before..but on the other hand (now I understand) that some really impressive pieces of electronic music were made in that era if 70s-80s… And I  heard it before Chicago acid house..

And you used to record tapes of the shows back then? Please tell me you still have them? I bet there are some total gems on there! (can we have a copy if you do!)
I might have some… I need to check when I’m back to Siberia to see at my parents (they are still based in Irkutsk)

I understand you’re in London for Jaded’s 7 Year Celebration this Saturday, what can those people who haven’t seen you play expect from a Nina Kraviz set?
Very easy: a blend of crispy Chicago house, acid, techno and some songs diluted in this rawness…


You won a spot at the Red Bull Music Academy in Melbourne, where I believe you met Greg Wilson and Rekids boss Matt Edwards – would you say this point in your life was the springboard to your career?
Yes, I would. This thing changed my life drastically.

You used to be a big fan of myspace – do you still use the site much now? What are your thoughts on social networking sites on the whole?
I think the last time I logged in myspace  account was maybe one year ago.. My overall opinion is: social networking  is an important part of nowadays society. You can either hate it or love it. But you can’t deny it.

I heard you finished your regular Friday night “Voices” at Moscow’s  Propaganda club a while back – would you ever think about setting up another  club night? If so – where would be your ultimate club to hold it?
I wouldn’t say I finished  it. They fired me! >:o I made a great night and they didn’t appreciate that at all. Oh! Residency! My own night! That would be great actually! I want a small space with great soundsystem. There are a few places like that in the world… But I really want the best sound system. For me this is almost everything… Apart from the human factor of course:)

Is there any country you haven’t played yet that you would really like to?
Mmmm… Brazil maybe? I am very intrigued about this country:)

You collaborated with Sascha Funke on BPitch Control last year, is there anyone else you’d like to collaborate with on a track at any point?
Yes. But I don’t know if these people want to:) so I’d better be quiet for now:) I’ve been working with Sherard Ingram for Urban Tribe… Really exited about the result…

You’ve also had releases on Rekids, Naif, as well as being very much a part of Jus’ Ed’s Underground Quality family.  Would you ever consider setting up your own label at all?
I am still thinking about it.

Just say for questions sake you did – who, if you could choose anyone (dead or alive) would you sign up? 
Oh!!! That’s an interesting question: I would love to sign Patrick Cowley, Arthur, Ron Hardy, Armando and gifted people like these but I mean it’s ridiculous to even dream about that these days..

So I hear you are working hard on your debut LP to be released on Rekids – how is this going? How far are you to finishing this?
The album is finished. It is going to be released in February… One track from the album as a part of my new 12 inch is going to be released already in November.

What software do you currently use when you are producing?
It is very hard to answer as I always try new things…

Are you a fan of the fact that tracks can now be made entirely on a laptop, or do you feel all this technology is a bit souless?
Brrrr.. I think it’s all about the idea that you are trying to deliver. If you have unique musical idea and you are able to transfer it into a great piece of music well you can even use microwave to stimulate your creativity… If this helps to reach the right vibe or to catch that only essential emotion you always dreamed of… I personally love touching real instruments… And it definitely feels right to me..

I think you’ll agree that music is all around us everywhere we go… What is your favorite sound in everyday life?
Water In the bathroom, birds, wind and trees…

What gets you up in the morning?

Is there anything you could not live without? Not including music or chocolate cake, that’s cheating!! (Nina has a bit of a weaknesss for chocolate cake)
It seems that I can’t really leave without being kissed by my man:)

Many thanks for speaking to us Nina and see you down the front on Saturday!


Competition winners announced:
As you all know you can catch Nina headlining this Saturday at the Jaded 7th Birthday.  A while back we gave 3 of you the chance to win Jaded jewellery and free tickets PLUS 2 runners up had the chance of winners concs entry AND Jaded tshirts! We are pleased to announce the Winners of the jewellery pieces and free tickets are: Leandro D’Antiochia Garofalo, Karly Waite and Samy Mendez.  The runners up prizes of concs entry and a free tshirt are: Tom Burnell and Dave Jones! Well done! You’re names will be on the free or concession list and you can collect your spoils from Krista on the night! 


LWE presents: Jaded 7th Birthday

 12 Nov 2011 @ Factory 7


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Nina Kraviz + JADED RESIDENTS, Raymundo Rodriguez, Chris Stanford
VENUE ANNOUNCED: FACTORY 7 (Previously Hearn St Car Park) 13 Hearn St, Shoreditch, EC2A