Keep and eye out for… Mickey Moonlight

Take a dash of Hercules & Love Affair’s old school house pastiche. Throw in a little of the childlike, playful mentality exhibited on the GaBLe album we fell in love with around April of this year. And, finally, infuse with a psychedelic pop sound people and press seem to adore with equal gusto.

Can you guess what we’ve created? If you answered ‘a slightly deranged meld of music that veers from camp acid disco to hallucinatory indie and happy-go-lucky New Wave’ then you’d be absolutely correct. In contrast, those that responded with something along the lines of ‘an artist I don’t want to hear’ unfortunately find themselves left out in the cold, as Mickey Moonlight is an individual everyone should check, which is why we’ve featured his work here.

If you’re looking for the organisations responsible then Ed Banger and Because are the two imprints to reference, and as both are already home to a vast array of ‘unique’ electronic artists the news should come as no surprise. A few years back the man in question released a four track package called Interplanetary Music (described by The Guardian as “the thinking fan’s pop moment of 2008”), and then last year we were also treated to the Love Pattern EP.

On November 28th Mickey Moonlight And The Time Axis of Manipulation Corporation will arrive, his first long-player. On the disc a host of collaborators appear, including George Lewis Jr (Twin Shadow), Marina Gasloina (ex Bonde de Role), Susumu Mukai (Zongamin), Tim Sparke, Suzy Silver, Sandro Perri, Bishi, Lou Hayter (The New Sins & New Young Pony Club), Tahita Bulmer (New Young Pony Club), Anita Blay (TheCocknBullKid), Deborah Howell, Fimber Bravo (20th Century Steel Band), The Fullfat Horns (Jake Painter, Carl Sterling and Robin Harris), Sonny Akpan (The Funkies). But if none of that is enough to get you interested check out the videos below, then head over to the producer’s Facebook page for further information.