Huge Octave One Revisited release waiting in the wings

Big news on the compilation front as one of the finest imprints in Detroit prepares for the next instalment in its retrospective series. And this time it’s none other than head honchos the Burden brothers (Lawrence, Lenny, Lorne, Lance and Lynell) who see their work given the remix and rework treatment.

If those three names don’t ring an immediate bell then the trio’s best-known moniker, Octave One, surely will do. Revisited (Here, There and Beyond) will arrive on January 16th 2012 via their own 430 West Records, which is actually worryingly close when you come to think about it. That’s a good thing though, because with a host of legends and contemporary stars contributing alternative versions of classic tracks this isn’t something we want to be waiting long for.

On the album highlights will surely include I Believe, the Octave One debut on Derrick May’s Tansmat from way back in 1990, here worked over by none other than UK moody atmosphere pedlars Sandwell District, meanwhile Luke Solomon does a number on last year’s cut, The Greater Good. Other production faces to be found getting involved include Roman Fluegel and Joern Elling (as Alter Ego), often unsung techno hero Gerald Mitchell (who’s involvement with Underground Resistance and DJ Rolando gave birth to Knights of the Jaguar), and Ken Ishi of R&S Records. Full tracklist at the bottom of this page, and we’ve posted a video of the Burden brothers’ very first outing below, so sit back and relish in a little nostalgia.


Octave One: Revisited (Here, There and Beyond)

01. Dema (Revisited Remix V2) remixed by Octave One

02. Meridian (Revisited Remix Rebalanced) remixed by Octave One

03. I Believe (Sandwell District Remix) remixed by Regis and Function

04. Daystar Rising (Aril Brikha Remix) remixed by Aril Brikha

05. Love and Hate (Cari Lekebusch’s Revealed Remix) remixed by Cari Lekebusch

06. I Need Release (Alexander Kowalski Remix) remixed by Alexander Kowalski

07. Nicolette (Vince Watson Remix) remixed by Vince Watson

08. The Greater Good (Luke Slater Remix) remixed by Luke Slater

09. Nicolette (Ken Ishii Remix) remixed by Ken Ishii

10. Blackwater (Alter Ego Vocal Mix) remixed by Alter Ego

11. Somedays (Los Hermanos Remix) remixed by G. Mitchell