Paul Woolford & Psycatron ‘Stolen’

Paul Woolford & Psycatron / Stolen


Hot Flush / Released October 2011


What does it sound like? 

Nice, futurist vibes from two long established names that here come together to form a whole that’s at least equal to these parts. That it’s on Scuba’s Hot Flush only adds to those credentials, with the label again grabbing space on these pages thanks to another package that should appeal to a relatively diverse crowd, meaning pre-release expectations have been high.

And few will feel short changed, with a veritable narrative of techno from deep and atmospheric to rough, punchy fare represented in the 9-minute long A-side alone. The original also boasts a f-ilthy, grinding barritone from which a wasp-in-a-jar 808 emerges, though while it’s clearly the work of two producers seasoned within this canon the stepping tempo and loose percussion more than nods to lucid dubstep and bass music on the whole, as do the distant, muffled vocal cries of “Stole my love” and scattered synth melody.

Flip it to find two dubs, both of which step closer to deep tech house than the predecessor. The first opts for a far tougher, or at least rawer and more stripped sound while focusing on filtered chords and harmonious notes before diving into warmer sounds, creating a solid but less frantic reading, whereas the third and final offering sits in something of a middle ground between the two, retaining a little of the powerful, driving low end that dominates the A-side, while taking the intensity down a couple of notches.

Where would I dance to it? 

Everywhere from Fabric to the Sub Club.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

With such a huge bassline and jack-inducing drop, both of which come from seemingly nowhere, it’s difficult not to highlight Stolen in its natural form as the version to check first.

Why should I pay for it? 

Vinyl, and quality production work.

Where can I buy it?