Federico Molinari’s Oslo mix puts DJ back on pedestal

Do you remember the days when those guys with vinyl flight cases (and yes, we do mean vinyl) ruled the dance music roost? We certainly do, and while there are benefits from producers receiving more of the spotlight there’s a strong argument to say that the standard of an average set has declined as those responsible for actually creating, as oppose to spinning the track have begun to dominate the club scene.

It’s a situation Norwegian imprint Oslo is looking to put right. OK, so maybe one album can’t make too much difference, but still the label is boldly opting to not become part of the problem, regardless of whether there’s a real solution at hand or not. Scheduled to arrive in just over a week (November 2nd, to be precise), No Way To Norway is a mix CD like few others we’ve seen in quite some time, as the disc in question, mixed by bossman Federico Molinari, comes without a tracklist.

So while we can tell you that Reboot, Guillame & The Coutu Dumonts, Johnny D, Christian Buihardt, and Noidoi all make contributions, we honestly have no idea what tunes of theirs appear. And, even after hearing the release, nobody will be able to work it out for themselves without some serious guesswork and presumption, as everything on the album is previously unreleased, and very exclusive. The idea is to put the focus back on the DJ, while allowing listeners to hear production work without prejudice, which makes a lot of sense to us. We’ve listed the artists in alphabetical order below, which is how they will appear in the sleeve notes, so take a look at that mouthwatering selection and then head to Oslo online for further temptation.

No Way To Norway – Artists 

Christian Burkhardt, Damian Schwartz, Einzelkind, Ernesto Ferreyra, Franco Cinelli, Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts Feat. Qzen, Ivel Tax, Johnny D, Juan Sorrentino, Skipson, Leonel Castillo, Maayan Nidam, Michael Melchner, Markus Fix, Noidoi, Reboot, Ray Okpara & Nekes, Sascha Dive.