We catch up with Tom Demac ahead of this weekends Uptownboogiedown.

Tom Demac has been causing quite a store over the last few years, with a string of excellent releases and a non-stop gig calendar, this weekend he’ll be making the journey straight from playing the Space closing party to tear up London, we grabbed him on his way out to the White Isle to see what he has in store for us.

 You’re jetting in from the Space closing party on Friday to play Artizan Music’s Uptownboogiedown at Fluid, London. That’s quite a commitment! What can we expect from you this weekend?

Many a hand clap, snare drum ricochet’s, ear bleeding resonance screaming from the tweeters, me standing lookin gormless complete with concentration pout, bags under my eyes the size o Tetley tea sacks, and maybe some of last nights bean skins stuck to my teeth.

Playing the Space closing party is quite an accolade in itself, how have you found Ibiza this year?

Great as always. Too many triangle embellished t-shirts n rosemary beads for me though.

We’ve heard some rumours that you were into hardcore as a wiper snapper, what was it that got you into electronic music?

That’s right.. I was regularly running on the spot to Dougal n Slipmatt, heavily bedding into my Reebok Classics and ensurin’ me Lacoste polo shirt was piss wet through.. I didn’t really have the traditional electronic musician start you read in all the biographies – “my dad collected soul and rare groove, we’d regularly hit the car boot sales on Sundays, I was then tinkling on his synths as a 4 year old.” Nothing like that, you’d find me growling down the mic in the local sailing club dressed as a goth at the age of 12. It was natural progressing into the more aggressive end starting up with Hardcore, Gabba, Jungle and swiftly followed by Detroit Techno.

As a prolific producer you’ve put out a broad range of original tracks and remixes, what’s the studio process for you? Where do you find your inspiration?

I find the best way of working for me is literally cutting myself off – turning off the internet, phone etc and literally just going at it in the studio. Using my own natural ideas as inspiration. That’s the best way of working for me.. Immersing yourself within yourself, almost verging on disappearing up your own arse. Strange and not the most commercially viable source of inspiration, but seems to work for me.

Have you got a favourite release to date?

Ummm, difficult to say really, I’m never happy with anything a month after release.

Would you class yourself as a child of the digital age, or are there some obscure analogue machines tucked away in your studio?

Definitely not, I don’t have a massive amount of luck with technology. Shit just seems to break, I spill things, fall over a lot and stuff ends up not functioning and digital stuff generally sounding rubbish. So, without doubt, I have many a cheap obscure analogue box within my studio.

Your website has some pretty amusing musings on there, are you a closet wordsmith?

I like to tell the odd story, nowhere near wordsmith tho.

You were releasing under your own label, Electronique Audio back in 2004/5, any plans to pick the label back up or are you content to just focus on the music?

There’s always talk of getting it up and running again, or certainly starting up a new label. When? I have no idea. For now though, happy just focussing on me own music and production.

How do you discover new music?

Blogs and mates.

Your DJ schedule looks pretty busy, how do you balance your time between gigging and producing?

Badly! Especially as I play ‘live’ a lot of the time. The preparation for that always takes up a good portion of the week with jamming, practice, stressing over what time to leave to catch the train, squeezing bits of equipment into bags n such. 

What else have you got coming up this year?

A few remixes, some nice gigs, records with Hypercolour and Glass Table along with more album writing. 

Who would be your top three artists to work with, dead or alive?

James Brown, Thom Yorke, Ron Hardy.

Catch Tom at Uptownboogiedown at Fluid this Friday. Event info below:

Artizan Music follow up their superb August takeover of Fabric’s room 3 with another installment of Uptownboogiedown.

Joining Artizan’s POUSSEZ (Jafar & Maxime Cescau) in the basement for a good ol techno and deep house knees up, is one of the UK’s finest right now…TOM DEMAC!!

Flying in direct from headlining Space Ibiza’s closing party, Tom is going to be performing one of his trademark live sets, showcasing all his latest material, that has caused such a ruckus on hot shit labels like Hypercolour, Liebe Detail, Dessous and Geddes’ Murmur. Nuff said.

In the upstairs bar, more space funk, future boogie, nu-disco and re-edits from Lost My Dog’s brill TOM LOWN, KID FIESTA from the Monster Cuts parties at Horse & Groom. MATT YOUNG a superb eclectic DJ and man behind the itchysoul show on House FM and last but by no means least, finally a female DJ at UTBD…ALLIE COOK – a bloody good one at that! LIL DOM is back on his latin percussion. TOOT TOOT, You know what time it is!

If you want to get your hands on one of those super duper Artizan T’s as given out at Fabric. There’s another limited batch arriving on the 30th so watch out!!




Deep/Tech House, Minimal, Techno