An Interview with Louie Vega ahead of this weekends 4 hour set at Groove Odessey.

Louie Vega is a man who needs little introduction. As one half of Masters at Work, he’s been laying down his own blend of funky soulful house for over 20 years, this weekend he hits London for the Groove Odyssey 2nd Birthday Party at Proud2, we grabbed him for five minutes to see what he has in store for us.

Thanks very much for taking the time to speak with us Louie, I understand you’re in London this weekend for the groove odyssey 2nd Birthday party at proud2, what have you got in store for us?

Good music, new music, classics, it’s all on the energy of the crowd, I’m ready to give all a good time!! Groove odyssey, Bobby & Steve and I go way back so we have lots of music to choose from and of course giving the crowd some of the new exclusive tracks!!!

You’ve always had a warm welcome in London, what is it about the cities club life that you like?

London to me is like New York City, there is always a melting pot of people in the clubs and nights I play at. Its grown even bigger now with all my world travels. The crowd is also very receptive to good music and they are like when I’m in NYC they tell you like it is! So you need to be in good form! It’s challenging for me. I look forward to it. I also have lots of friends in London from many years of going there, so family and friends are coming out for the occasion!!! London is always exciting and I feel at home!

Your one of the lucky dj’s to have enjoyed longevity in the game, how has the scene changed over the years?

I’ve been lucky to have enjoyed longevity but also have worked very hard to be in that position and stayed creative with my productions and to keep that state of mind intact. Also finding new talent and nurturing the artists who are now in their own (anane, boddhi satva, mr v, agev munsen etc).  Vega records and MAW has always been about quality songs, tracks, and finding the new talent of today. The scene has changed very much in a sense that the music lots of us made was on radio and crossing over sometimes, and  now it’s very underground, but it’s not only about music now, it’s about branding, with music, merchandise, and co-branding with other companies in different genres that can help you grow more commercially. You really have control of your destiny when you’ve made this much music and are still consistent with djing, producing, entrepenuering, and coming with new ideas if in marketing, promo, media, events, shows, etc.

 How has this influenced you musically?

 I’ve not really been influenced by the scene today musically, but more on a marketing level. But when it comes to music and creating it could be many things that influence me. I may be out with my son in a park and I get ideas, or at a show with my wife and get ideas, maybe an artist performing, or I could be staring into the sky or on a cliff in Ibiza. 

You’ve had the chance to work with some legendary house music producers, from Todd Terry to Erick Morillo, and of course you Masters at Work material, is there any fresh blood that’s caught your eye that you’d like to collaborate with on a track?

There is fresh blood and I’m very happy about that. On Vega records we have Anane who runs nulu music (check out her catalog) she’s helped bring a new sound out ‘afrotech’ with her partner antonello coghe (at nulu music). Her djing and style has inspired many women especially in our scene and brought new ones out. Her album ‘Ananesworld’ has brought out reggae, world, jazz, latin, and pop influences in the recordings. Her Ananesworld remix collection ep and vol 1, 2, 3 are out and doing well with vol 4 on the way. Her dj sets are burning up dance floors all over Europe and Africa. And our new night in Ibiza which has had its second year just pass ‘sunset ritual with anane & Louie Vega’, is now about to have its third year next summer.

Boddhi satva has an album coming; he’s an artist from central Africa and resides in Belgium. He’s put his African roots, ragga, neo soul, and electronic dance vibes all combined. His album is coming end of this year. He’s also djing all over Europe and Africa.

There is a new young guy named DJ Severe from New York City who is starting to turn heads over here, you will soon be hearing more from him. The sound of tribe from London are hot, then black coffee, culoe de song, dj kent and soulistic in South Africa, there are many more.  I’ve collaborated with Anane, boddhi satva, this past year and there are more to come for the New Year, surprises coming.

 Your very much a musician as well as a dj, are you a fan of the fact that tracks can now be made entirely on a laptop, or do you feel all this technology is a bit soulless?

Well it was obvious where technology was going with computers; I think it gives a chance for all to make music. I don’t think it’s soulless; it all depends on the track that is made. Good music is good music. There are different ways of making it. If it’s fully live it still has to be hot. Electronic music has a soul too. Hot music is hot music. I’m more of an organic kind of guy but there is an electronic side I like too!!

 Sonically is another story. 

Your own label, Vega records has a broad range of releases behind it, how does the label A&R process influence your dj sets?

I A&R all the music on Vega records. Some of it comes from dj sets (when I make them) but not most of the cases. My inspirations are from different things. Read above. 

What’s coming up for both you and the label?

New on label are: 

Ananesworld remix collection vol 3 (released in a few weeks)

Ananesworld remix collection vol 4 (coming December)

Remixes of: the thing about deep agev munsen  & Roland Clark

Rock the cradle Louie Vega, Lenny bizarre, and more remixes    anane

Love to love you baby Louie Vega, Todd terry and more remixes

Put your drink down & v gets jazzy remixes Mr. V

By Louie Vega and various remixers

Jezebel & imoto release out now

Oskido featuring professor – hot producer and artist from South Africa (Johannesburg).

New elements of life album

This is us  

Double (24 songs)

My new album slated for spring release (next year 2012 march/April) with worldwide tour USA/Europe.  

Look out for masters at work coming back together in all forms, live and studio!!!

 Wow! Pretty busy then! Finally, and we know this is tough for someone like you…but if you had to pick your timeless floorfiller track what would it be?

Timeless floorfiller track is a maw track. Or a Vega classic. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to speak to us Louie, looking forward to seeing you on the 1st!


Groove Odessey 2nd Birthday.

Saturday 1sy October.

Louie Vega 4 hour set,
Bobby & Steve,
Groove Assassin,
DJ Leo plus Sheyi on percussion,
DJ Bigger,
Mike Gee,
Paul Morrisey,
Paul Nicholls,
David Bailey,
Richie Hill,
Soul Master T,
Ted Lawrence,
Sarah Finesse,
Nick Fernandez,
Joel S and Panther,
Two Good Souls.
Live PAs from Peven Everett and Rose Windross, Shelly Nelson, Wyen Solo and Mr D

Members tickets £15 including booking fee, non members £17.50 + booking fee,

10pm – 7am

Proud 2 (Matter), London, SE10 0DX