Exclusive Turmspringer Promo-Mix for Bread & Butter…

Turmspringer’s release an exclusive Promo-Mix for Bread & Butter ahead of their gig at Basing house this Saturday.

You can also read their interview HERE

Turmspringer is the capable moniker of Robert Galic (alias Edgar Peng und RAS) and Tim Brüggemann (alias Didier de la Boutique). In 2001, when they met first time behind the desks, Robert just had left London to settle down in Berlin, attracted by Jazzanova to release his world wide appreciated album “Rhythmic Altered State” on Sonar Kollektiv. To this point of time, Tim was already rooted into the colorful Rare Funk scene of Berlin. Once in the studio, having put together their understanding of Funk, Soul, Afro and modern electronic club music, their own sound of a fresh funky minimal Techno was born and got the name “Turmspringer”. Now, since 2004 the producer and dj team is rooted deeply in the underground of Berlin’s Techno and Minimal House music.

2011-08-01-Turmspringer Bread & Butter Mix by Turmspringer


Bread & Butter presents Turmspringer

23 Sep 2011 @ Basing House

Turmspringer (Get Physical – Tonkind – Berlin), Luca & Felipe D (Nice 1), Jamma (B&B)
Max (B&B)