Bread & Butter speaks to Turmspringer (Get Physical) ahead of their set at Basing House..

Having released on Get Physical, Doxa, Kritik Records, Leutral Recordings and Tonkind, Turmspringer’s Curriculum Vitae looks impressive!

Turmspringer is the capable moniker of Robert Galic (alias Edgar Peng und RAS) and Tim Brüggemann (alias Didier de la Boutique). In 2001, when they met first time behind the desks, Robert just had left London to settle down in Berlin, attracted by Jazzanova to release his world wide appreciated album “Rhythmic Altered State” on Sonar Kollektiv. To this point of time, Tim was already rooted into the colorful Rare Funk scene of Berlin. Once in the studio, having put together their understanding of Funk, Soul, Afro and modern electronic club music, their own sound of a fresh funky minimal Techno was born and got the name “Turmspringer”. Now, since 2004 the producer and dj team is rooted deeply in the underground of Berlin’s Techno and Minimal House music.

In 2005 Robert Galic started “Tonkind”, an individual colored platform for acts, producers and DJs like Skinnerbox, Click I Click, Phonique or Agaric and many others. With this backing platform they established themselves also as party promoters. Their regular circulating label nights and off parties provides not only Tonkind acts to show up but also keep the network with other labels in flow such as Bar 25, Up on you, We Are, E-Minor, Hi Freaks or Berlin’s underground queen Bachstelzen.

1. Tell us a little bit about why you chose to go in this direction musically and what is appealing to you about the more subtle sounds.

We always have been attracted rather by unconventional music as by the popular and mainstream sound. just because it makes us feel free and inspired. Sometimes life can be very monotone and everyday life makes you stomp, so at least music or art in general should always keep the door open for new perspectives and a fresh appearance. Modern electronic club music in the present is in a constant change and keeps the fundamental impulses for the commercial music of tomorrow.

2. Tell us about your experience in Berlin. To what degree has Berlin influenced your sound and career ?


Berlin has influenced us a lot. When i moved from London to Berlin in 2000, i was working on my New-Jazz album for Sonar Kollektiv and it was really hardnnot to jump on this electrifying sound coming from the Techno underground. So i impatiently finished my RAS project to make the swap. And Tim, when i met him first time in Berlin, he was one of the best and most wanted Rare Groove and Soul&Funk DJs of Berlin…this is history too. In the last 20 years Berlin is going through a constant change in all areas and fields, it is just taking you with.

3. What do you guys have in store for the rest of 2011/early 2012?

Releasing a compilation for our beloved Golden Gate club and having from November a tour through Asia (India and Singapore) and Australia.

4. Any comments about your exclusive B&B mix for our listeners?


Its so exclusive, you wont hear it somewhere again…not even from us!!!