Pangaea ‘Hex b/w Fatalist’

Pangaea / Hex b/w Fatalist

Vinyl / Digital

Hemlock / Released September 2011


What does it sound like? 

How many rude boys can you fit on one bassline? In the case of this latest cut from one part of the Hessle Audio Holy Trinity the answer is roughly about three. Or at least that’s what the panned, filtered, cut and looped vocal stabs would suggest, each sounding like different men with a shared enthusiasm for getting on a ragga tip, and seriously yesteryear inspired tunes.

It could be slo-mo jungle, maybe barritone garage, and there’s no denying early Fingerlickin’ also provides a (somewhat surprising) comparison to Hex, while dark background accents provide evidence of the attention to detail contemporary heroes such as Pangaea have added to what was becoming a rather struggling, of not throwaway broken beat scene. So then, a wonderfully old school piece of impressive new schoolness. Oh, and did we also mention the skanking Fatalist that takes up this release’s B-side? “Alright, listen” spits an MC over rolling snares and a distorted analogue hook. Horns at the ready, hold tight then.

Where would I dance to it? 

It’s a question of what era, not what venue.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

There are very few producers that could pull off such an obvious pastiche (or should that be parody?), while retaining a fresh vibe throughout, and as such Hex is a rare chance to take a pleasurable glance back that also slots in nicely next to any Addison Groove. Regardless though it’s Fatalist that steals our show because the track’s shows an unashamed disinterest in modern twists, and sounds all the fresher for it; raw, stripped and very, very danceable.

Why should I pay for it? 

Why should you have a choice?

Where can I buy it?