Sepalcure ‘Love Pressure (XI, Falty DL, Jimmy Edgar, Daedelus, Lando Kai remixes)’

Sepalcure / Love Pressure (XI, Falty DL, Jimmy Edgar, Daedelus, Lando Kai remixes)

Vinyl / Digital 

Hotflush / Released August 2011 


What does it sound like? 

Five pretty notable names from the genres often lumped together as ‘bass culture’ do the do on Sepalcure’s best selling EP from last year. So we’re treated to the epitome of submerged, echoed post-dubstep thanks to Toronto’s XI who creates a somewhat haunting analogue chorus from the original vocal refrains of Love Pressure. Then Falty DL proves why everyone’s after a piece of his nu-garage tones, delivering a version of the same track, this time read through a mishmash of filtered lyrical loops and staccato kicks.

On top of those Jimmy Edgar’s off-beat, soulful house excursion boasts a heavy sub beneath the flat drums of Every Day of My Life, whereas Ninja Tune’s LA oddball Daedelus goes in almost the opposite direction completely with Down, crafting a cacophony of challenging rhythms informed by early hardcore pianos, and set to a glitch-ridden halfbeat. Then, finally, Lando Kai, a character who has only recently joined Scuba’s Hotflush camp, takes Love Pressure and turns it into a stepper capped with waves of synth and complex percussive patterns typical of the imprint, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Where would I dance to it? 

Less four to the floor, and more broken futurism, this is one for spaces that match.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

It’s a little camp, and certainly intent on referencing a past as seen through contemporary eyes. Whatever your take on concepts Jimmy Edgar’s take on Every Day of My Life is a well crafted piece of work, dropping warm melodies in the right places while retaining a bounce that’s guaranteed to find favour with a decent cross section- from the deep house crew to near impossible to categorise types like Jacques Greene.

Why should I pay for it? 

Five very different remixes, so one simple reason.

Where can I buy it?