Various Artists ‘Fabric 58: Craig Richards presents The Nothing Special’

Various Artists / Fabric 58: Craig Richards presents The Nothing Special’


Fabric / Released July 2011


What does it sound like? 

Craig Richards and Craig Richards alone, of course. As with his earlier mixes for the Fabric series it’s a timeless affair of original, inspiring, beautifully mixed deep electronic dance music. Trippy, reduced, mid-90s grooves meld seamlessly with current pristine techno cuts to form a close-to-perfect mix that reminds you what an incredible artform the DJ set is when executed properly. The Nothing Special it most certainly isn’t…

Where would I dance to it? 

In the current climate of instant musical gratification you could probably count the amount of clubs on one hand where someone could comfortably play a set of this nature and have it appreciated. Fabric being one, of course, along with a handful of other select night spots around the world. It’s hard to get away with such a unique, detailed sound at many parties these days, the deeper, spatial moments would be lost on most setups, and on most ears whilst a hefty chunk of the floor take their place in the smoking queue to grab a crafty one before the big tunes drop.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

The move from the awesome, mildly hallucinogenic Conscious Minds into Eco Tourist’s epic Magelonic is a particularly pleasing moment, as is the solid house shuffle from the elusive Gemini, Weatherall & Tenniswood’s drummy opener, and a straight up ‘Tyrant’ track if there ever was one in the form of Room 202 from Loop Hotel. Really though there are no singular moments to look out for here, the mix, as with all mixes of course, needs to be appreciated in full, with headphones on or home stereo suitably fine-tuned, and with one’s chosen vice in the system.

Why should I pay for it?

Because contrary to recent popular belief you should actually exchange cash for music. It makes releases of this calibre possible. Oh, and it’s possibly one of the best mixes of it’s kind (by any DJ) since the Fabric 01 release. You’ll be able to pop this alongside your classics and pull it out for a listen 10 years from now, and not only will it not sound tired and weak like many of the compilations floating around whatever device you happen to be using, it’ll sound as lovely as the day you bought (or stole) it.

Where can I buy it? 

Go direct to the Fabric website to be sure every penny goes to a good home.