Competition call for potential production heroes

Ever wanted to make like Charlie May, and get into a studio with the man like Sasha? Well, chances are if the thought has crossed your mind reality wasn’t far behind. Until now.

Launched last month at Ibiza’s annual mashup, er, sorry, conference, the IMS, by non other than Richie Hawtin, Burn Studios is a new online platform that allows users to upload tunes, download samples and loops, and generally take advantage of cloud computing in order to further their production prowess. Interested? OK, click here and you can check out the whole thing.

Those already familiar, and capable of working to tight timescales, may also be interested in a competition set up by the people responsible for the new site. Because so long as you create a remix of Sasha’s latest bomb, Cut Me Down, from the parts and tools supplied by the powers that be, and the re-edit is uploaded by July 10th, there’s every chance it could result in the experience of a lifetime. Fourteen winners will be chosen from the inevitable swathes of entrants, before being flown out to Burn Studios Hacienda, on the spiritual home of all things nocturnal, Ibiza.

Once there the successful upstarts will be put through five days of intensive workshops delivered by some of the biggest names in the industry (apparently), with music created during these sessions uploaded for the public to vote on as and when. The highest rated producer will then receive the grand prize, which is only the opportunity to collaborate with Sasha on his next release. Hurry though, time is running out, and only the strong will survive; while the site was in trial 80,000 members had already signed up, with 300,000 people visiting each month, making competition fierce. For more details click here.