Ante Perry vs Tube & Berger / Ever Never


Ante Perry vs Tube & Berger / Ever Never


Great Stuff Recordings / Released June 2011

The Blurb:

3 stars of Germany’s house and tech scene come together for this mesmerising new release. In the Blue Corner: Ante Perry, an eclectic producer and multi-talented chap who counts some sizable anthems amongst his discography, and releases for the likes of Moonbootique and Systematic amongst them. Now he’s just about to release the 2nd part of his ‘Flashing Disco Sounds’ compilation which takes us deeper and further into the swinging, dangerously sexy sound of Ante‘s current DJ style. To be released on Moonbootique, this captivating piece of work will be available as from June 2011.

In the Red Corner: Tube & Berger, the dynamic duo behind Kittball Records and many a hard-grooving tech house release. The result is something beautifully subdued; a mellow, warm slice of nu disco meets house, laden with gorgeous summery melody and airy textures. It would be as home on a Booka Shade album as it would on a Mylo one, and is drenched with an optimistic, spine-tingling feel. And if you’re after dancefloor solidity, three remixes offer plenty of options.

Hermanez goes for the jackin’ and thumpin’ approach, with techy stabs bouncing over shuffly percussion and plump bass, all filtered into a big room mindset. Future Russian superstar and Popof protégé Max Bett takes the bigroom-techno route and pumps it up for the bigger venues. Rob Mirage strips things back more, giving a light tech backbone to the original’s sumptuous piano chords and avoiding anything over-the-top or heavy-handed. Finally Tube & Berger themselves step in for the final rework, providing a wiggly workout that takes the key elements of the original and puts them through a deep, bouncing groove

Our verdict.

Some lovely disco influenced sequencers on the orriginal makes this a real feel good tune, think afternoon dancing on the terrace (anywhere hot) and you’ll have got the mood.Remix wise, they all focus on taking it more to to the dancefloor, but for us its the Hermanez and Rob Mirage mixes that have the best laste night club feel to them, whilst still mananging to keep that disco groove. The Tube and Berger working has a nice prog touch to it as it sweeps through the filters. All in all a solid original track perfect for summer that turns in the DJ friendly-versions for those later sets. We’ve heard more interesting releases on Great Stuff in the past, bu this ticks all the right summer time house boxes.

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