Craig Richards behind Fabric 58


He was responsible for the first mix in the now acclaimed concatenation, which was an increasingly dark, rhythmic tech offering. On top of that, the double CD he put together for the club under Tyrant’s guise showcased the alternative, late night electro side to his DJing. But both only go some way towards painting the true musical picture of a man who has been at the forefront of the scene for longer than most would believe possible.

The Nothing Special is the name of a night at Fabric that sees him program live acts around his own sets, and the resulting sound goes someway towards explaining the track selection for the 58th instalment in the house and techno series. Set for release on Monday, July 11th, as the tracklisting below proves, it promises to be another worthy addition to the catalogue of essential compilations put together by the Farringdon resident, what with names like Two Lone Swordsmen, Melchior Productions, Joel Mull, Maurice Fulton, and Semtek on the disc.


Fabric 58: Craig Richards presents the Nothing Special

  1. Two Lone Swordsmen – Rico’s Helly [Cacophony]
  2. Carl Finlow – Reprise [Seventh Sign]
  3. Melchior Productions – Come Closer (Dub) [Playhouse]
  4. Gemini – At The Party [Spencer Kincy]
  5. Housey Doingz – Flying Saucers [Wiggle]
  6. San Proper & Awanto 3 – Black Burger [Rush Hour]
  7. Arne Weinberg – My Testimony [Technoir Audio]
  8. G-Man – El Jem [Swim]
  9. Conscious Minds – Expressions [Tyrant]
  10. Eco Tourist – Magelonic [Ifach]
  11. L.I.E.S. – Comeback Dust [Echovolt]
  12. Joel Mull – Leaving Ground [Läsk]
  13. Marcel Janovsky – Vamos A Otro Piso [Regular]
  14. Loop Hotel – Room 202 [Loop Hotel]
  15. Conforce – Intimidation [Meanwhile]
  16. Johnny Fiasco – Kalimba [Klassik Fiasco]
  17. Convextion – Premiata [Down Low]
  18. Maurice Fulton – Space [Transfusion]
  19. Semtek – Lotos Eaters (Neville Watson Remix) [Don’t Be Afraid]
  20. $tinkworx – Los Gatos Lloros [Delsin]