Guest Chart – Agaric

With the recent album, Who Made Up The Rules, still warming our CD player (see the review here), it’s with great pleasure that we welcome Ovum’s one and only Agaric. Part Swedish techno roller, part shuffling, low slung basement king; it’s all good that he’s provided us with our next ten recommendations.

As you’d expect, it’s a pretty drummy affair, with cuts from the likes of Steffi sitting alongside that overwhelmingly percussive title track from the selector’s own aforementioned LP. But it’s also a list of some variety, with more soulful sounds from Kenny Dixon Jnr and DJ Sneak no less. Might be time to get the credit card out again then

Mathimidori & Pi-ge – Konomana EPRaum Musik

Steffi – Manic MoodsOstgut Ton

Nil By Mouth – FibulaSuruba Playa

Rifraf – PhilosophyTonkind

DJ Sneak – Delta TrippingArpiar

Agaric – Who Made Up The RulesOvum

Jumbo Madness Edits – Le Borgne

Skudge – Below/PhantomSkudge

Kenny Dixon Jr – Private Collection 1 – PCC1

Daniel Maloso – Hijos De JoseComeme