Guest chart – Mr O (Detroit Grand Pubahs)

They are one of the most surreal, sleazy and unique sounding exports Motor City has ever given us. Last year saw the release of Madd Circus, an LP boasting all the hallmarks of the duo, with added 2010 vibes.

Even those who didn’t check out the aforementioned release will remember the inimitable Sandwiches, a track dripping in freak-filled sexuality and suggestive wordplay. But there’s a darker, tougher techno side to the Detroit Grand Pubahs that becomes evident after closer investigation of their ouevre. The mysterious Mr O and the multiple personalities of Paris The Black Fu make up this semi-crazed outfit, so that the former has included releases from Orlando Voorn and Robert Hood in his February Top 10 makes a lot of sense. Introductions over, let’s have a look at the beats…

Orlando Voorn / Wiggle / EPM Music

Kyle Geiger & Bobby Dowell / Tigerwall / Droid

Kirk Degiorgio & Ian O’Brien / Promenade Eleven / ART

Gary Bek / Yes! / Bek Audio

Detroit Grand Pubahs / Catching The Red Eye / Detelefunk

Robert Hood / The Family / M-Plant

Mike Parker / Subterranean Liquid / Prologue

O/V/R / Post-Traumatic Son (Robert Hood Mix) / Blueprint

Detroit Grand Pubahs / I Didn’t Want to Party (Lad remix) / Detelefunk

RadioNasty / Radio3 / EPM Music

Detroit Grand Pubahs ‘Autotragik’ with remixes from Terence Fixmer and Ortin Cam is released on Detelefunk on 14 March 2011.