The Senior Eight – 3

Introducing the final four from Royksopp’s make a video contest. So far the finalists have all been pretty deserved, and today’s are no different.

First up it’s good to see a fellow Brit taking home some bacon, as it were. Matt Phantom presents his clip for Forsaken Cowboy, and a treat it is too. Ironic, heart-warming, and a little like watching a character from some strange Shane Meadows movie, mid-montage.

Then we’ve got an aptly titled track, The Fear, and Balázs Gyory’s mildly unsettling accompanying work. A while ago we ran through some of the best videos from our collective conscious, within which The Orb’s The Box featured in the top five. This is similar, though we can’t tell which is more suitable for Sunday.

Next SORDINA, who offers work from Columbia, presents Coming Home. Fittingly, it’s a kind of fly on the wall insight into some people moving house. They get settled, grow some plants, and make coffee. Better still, neither of them ask if you could just “lend a hand for half an hour”.

Finally, and fittingly, we have A Long Long Way. ianpahute, another UK resident, closes what has been a rather epic, albeit weeklong journey through video-space with an even more suitable, moderately surrealist slow-motion short. Those zero gravity chambers never felt so appealing.

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