Ladytron announce new single, album and best of

Remember when John Peel first unveiled Playgirl? Neither do we, probably because our radio wasn’t on at the time. But for plenty of people that moment marked the beginning of an affair with an act that would go on to become one of the most loved from the millennial resurgence of synth-pop.

With Depeche Mode, Soft Cell, Human League and Eurythmics on their sleeves, Ladytron‘s path has been paved with success since those heady Blairite days. And not least because of their staggering oeuvre of remixes for the likes of Blondie, Nine Inch Nails, Bloc Party and Gang Of Four.

As such news that fresh material will soon emerge is, of course, welcomed by us. Ace of Hz, which sees the light of day in the UK come March 14th, will be released as an EP pack with remixes from trance-meister Tiesto, disco-rebels Punks Jump Up, and new kid on the block NYCPARTYINFO.

The original track will appear on a decade-spanning Best Of compilation, currently scheduled to hit shelves and download sites in early spring this year. It will then also feature on a new album, the band’s fifth since 2001, but this is as yet untitled, and has no release date. As always we’ll do our best to keep you posted on this, and in the meantime sit back and enjoy a trip to way back when with the aid of this helpfully embedded video. Who said Christmas was over?