James Blake unveils debut album (sort of)

He’s another name in a list of artists that have given us plenty to write about this year, amazingly before anyone’s had a sniff at an album. So, like diligent media monkeys, we duly jumped when these details emerge.

James Blake will finally release his self-titled debut album on February 7th, through Atlas/A&M records. And, just to tantalise taste buds a little, the 22-year-old producer has revealed the tracklist, and artwork, that will be lining shelves come the start of a month wherein the UK (should) start to thaw.

Given his dubstep, R&B and garage-tinged background it’s likely those sounds will be making up the backbone of James Blake, but seen as he boasts an inimitable reputation for playing by his own rules, don’t expect said genres to be delivered with anything other than a startling amount of ingenuity. We will, of course, be donning our critical hats closer to the time, so watch this corner of cyberspace for the review next month.

James Blake – James Blake

1. Unlock

2. The Wilhelm Scream

3. I Never Learnt to Share

4. Lindesfarne

5. Lindesfarne II

6. Limit to Your Love

7. Give Me My Month

8. To Care (Like You)

9. Why Don’t You Call Me

10. I Mind

11. Measurements