Manaboo ‘Delinquent b/w SB Massive’

Manaboo / ‘Delinquent b-w Missive’

Vinyl / MP3

Immerse / Released November 29th 2010

A lot of dubstep is not that interesting, or dubby really. There, it has been said.

Thankfully, then, there’s loads of it about, meaning that while it takes some digging, there are plenty of decent tracks out there. On release number 24 Immerse fall further in with the endangered and unobvious camp, by bringing Brendon Moeller into the studio, a guy who’s perhaps better known for productions as Beat Pharmacy, Echologist, and work on Francois K’s Wave Music.

Delinquent opens the scoring, with an odd, offbeat take on Orbital style sonics. Straight off the shelf marked Compost, a stepping break and warm, upbeat monotone kick off what eventually becomes a big room, peak time but heads down trancey affair, pan effects and all. Then the nail in the naysayer’s coffin enters the fray, and things get a whole lot dubbier with SB Massive. Roots based samples cry out into sparse distances, while reversed synths form a hugely repetitive (see also addictive) hook, before a submerged melody polishes things off. Not bad by half.