Munk’s decks get trashed

Now that really would be some great investigative journalism. But, fear not, if you’re worried about the future of Matthias Modica and the Gomma stable, then don’t be.

It is, of course, the latest video to emerge from Munk’s acclaimed EP Mondo Vagabondo. After we brought you the accompanying visuals to La Musica, we can now proudly present Violent Love, a short retelling of one angry, presumably ill-treated girlfriend’s  revenge on the producer, his records and 1210s, which she hurls out the window.

Vinyl addicts should be OK though, the footage featuring the greatest of all dance music instruments’ demise is brief, and quickly (not to mention literally) reversed. The film delves into the often-obsessive world of producers, here showing the Gomma boss standing up his female friend in favour of making some beats. Those that agree with the decision may find some familiarity here, and those that don’t can just appreciate the tune. Either way, enjoy, discuss, and comment.