Modeselektor take trip to the zoo…

… but amazingly manage to find no chimps. Who’d a thought it possible?

Bonfire night sees the release of an impressive compilation courtesy of the men everyone’s been talking about for ages, and still don’t seem bored of. This time the German pair have invited some of their distinguished peers to monkey around with them, and offer hitherto unavailable tunes to the the dance-loving public.

We’ll be bringing you the review this weekend, but from what we’ve heard it’s tasty collection of beat-oriented cuts that should get the taste-buds tingling. A further whetting of the appetite will ensue when you read the bunch that have helped out with the tracklisting. Names like 2562, Shed, Apparat, Marcel Dettmann, Housemeister, and Ramadanman are emblazoned on the back of the box, meaning contemporaneous and varied are words that spring to mind.

To celebrate the release, and clarify our earlier animal-related references’ relevance to this article, there’s a strange little film doing the rounds. Before you hit the browser though, think again. As usual we’ve got the short below, which apparently depicts Modeselektor on a ‘secret mission’ at a local animal enclosure.

Whether they’re on a milk run gone wrong after a rave is unclear, but it certainly makes for some amusing, highly puzzling viewing. And if you’re keen to see their pretty faces again, they will be touring Europe from November, with dates in London, Manchester and Bristol come December- details below the video.

Modeselektor UK Dates

December 10th – Bristol, Motion

December 11th – Manchester, Warehouse Project

December 12th – London, TBA 09.12. GB, London, TBA