Dirty Smart Giveaway!

Few clothing brands rocket to fame and acclaim like the clubbing brand Dirty Smart has in the past two and a half years but with bags of stylish designs and a handful of superstar DJ talent spotted wearing the eye-catching tees and hoodies it’s not hard to see why.

Limited print numbers of each design mean you won’t see many others wearing what you’ve got unless it’s the likes of Deadmau5 or Judge Jules.

You may remember Plain & Simple’s Dirty Smart feature a month or so ago http://tiny.cc/003ha and thinking to yourself ‘I’d love a bit of free clobber’ – Well, now’s your chance!

Plain & Simple is pleased to be able to offer an exclusive Dirty Smart competition where you could be in with a chance of winning a tee, a hoodie and a bag all for answering the question below:

>>> Where did Dirty Smart hold its event in Ibiza this year? <<<

Send your answers to info@plainandsimple.tv