Free Howie B downloads

Fabric stalwart. Electronica composer unto his own. One of Bjork’s favourite producers. One-time U2 tour DJ.

Whatever you know master of bouncing beats Howie B as, there’s no denying that- whether spinning vinyl, working a live set or creating intelligent arrangements for the music loving public- the Scotsman in London always impresses. That’s why we’re delighted to hear he’s offering two free downloads.

First up comes the plinky-plonky ambience of Jumping Shadow Part Two, which is a beatless Sunday morning of a track. Once you’ve done with that a more Arabesque, deep as sin, downbeat vocal number follows, in the shape of My Voice. Think haunting Eastern influences, and a mystery befitting the same exotic old Orient that obviously had some part in inspiring this tune.

Take a trip to Fabric’s website to download the offerings. After that, it might be worth your while booking tickets to the London institution’s session this Saturday, where you’ll find the producer performing live for the first time in several years. Just don’t expect blissful melodies; word on the street is the hour-long show is tough as boots and chugs along like a locomotive, which explains why DJ Heather, Derrick Carter and Dave Clarke all join him for the all-nighter in Farringdon.

If you haven’t had much experience with Mr B, we’ve put a lovely You Tube ‘video’ below. OK, so it’s not a real video, but we’re glad someone took the time to upload it.  From the 1997 album Turn off The Dark, here’s Who’s Got The Bacon in all its groove-laden, hip-hop and funk influenced, broken beat glory. You could also have a look for his seminal 1996 Radio 1 Essential Mix, not that anyone should have recorded it…