Aeroplane Can’t Fly (much higher)

It’s been a busy old summer for Aeroplane, with festivals up and down the country (and further afield) benefiting from that particular brand of disco-not-disco, Italo-pop and electronica. Something called Bestival is advertising the same act as a headline DJ for next weekend, and the forthcoming debut album, We Can’t Fly, has had the media wetting themselves since they tasted the single of the same name.

After Rob da Bank’s end of summer event the second track from the LP, Superstar, is released, with remixes from Chromeo and The Krays (Yuksek & Brodinski), before the album hits the shelves of shops and imaginary online stores on September 27th. Having downsized, what was the hottest pair on the electronica remix circuit is now Vito Deluca flying the solo flag. But fear not, the album is fantastic, nodding at Georgio Moroder, Les Rythmes Digitales, Daft Punk, half of Hollywood’s 80s output and, surprisingly, Tina Turner and Tom Jones.

We’ll be bringing the justice in the form of a review closer to the release date, and there’s a full UK tour scheduled for the final months of 2010 to look forward to. If you’re interested to learn what the nation’s dancefloors were listening to while you were doing something else, once again SoundCloud is your best port of call. Aeroplane’s logically titled August 2010 Mix is available from our favourite online audio tool to stream or download, and the track listing below should shed some light before you get there. It’s as odd as it looks, but it’s also damn good.

Aeroplane’s SoundCloud August 2010 Mix

1. Marbeya Sound – No Anchor
2. Hannulelauri – Zombie Tropicana
3. Dana Bergquist – Acapulco
4. Drop Out Orchestra – Baby Come Home ( Sit On My Ritz ) Dub Mix
5. Cosmonauts – El Toro ( Italo Dub )
6. Kasper Bjore – Heaven ( Muzzle Flash Remix )
7. Mark Seven – Pillow Talk
8. Loin Brothers – Garden of Vargulf ( Tornado Wallace Remix )
9. Diskokaine – Hall of Shame ( Hannulelauri Remix )
10. Julie Walehwa – I Mind ( Weirdo Police Remix )