Not just another piano recital- An interview with Joey Negro

A stalwart of the dance music scene under numerous guises, Joey Negro, AKA Dave Lee, has never stayed still for long. Countless tunes, remixes, live band setups and general behind-the-scenes production work on some classic underground and chart music means he’s had a huge influence on his peers and many of today’s contemporary producers alike, and […]

Akabu ‘Everybody Wants Something (Joey Negro Remix)’

Joey Negro returns under his Akabu guise to deliver some boogie infected house beats. What else did you expect?

CHOICE CUT- The Revenge ‘Reekin’ Structions’

The Revenge’s first album drops, a collection of re-edits of disco tracks from Mid-Air, Velvet Hammer, The Joneses, Chapter Three, and Vance & Suzanne, here turned into staccato house with lyrical loops, electro with a lunging low end and more. Summer’s here.