Dave Tarrida ‘Psychonautics EP’

Dave Tarrida – Psychonautics EP  Vinyl – Digital  Autofake – Released August 2013   Despite the distinctly old school electro-techno-rave vibes that permeate from every sweaty orifice of Tresor regular Dave Tarrida’s opening track here, 3 Go 3, it’s still very much the kind of music that makes parents worry about what their offspring are doing […]

S_W_Z_K ‘S_W_Z_K’

Dark, sparse techno is rarely this good, though when Berlin superclub Tresor and Swayzak man David ‘Brun’ Brown got together it was always going to be heavy.

Red Gallery plays host to special ‘Tresor Berlin’ Exhibition, UK Documentary Premiere & Event..

Tresor’s famous underground dancefloor, which hosted millions until the club’s original premises closed in 2005, saw many things. It saw the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin Wall, when creatives flooded into East Berlin to squat, set up galleries and host clubs. It saw the explosion of techno in Europe, with the arrival of […]

Swayzak unveils new project (and we can’t wait)

David Brown returns as Swayzak, or S_W_Z_K, his new solo project set to continue the good work he began with former partner James Taylor. Album details here.

Paul Woolford to collaborate with Psycatron for Hot Flush

Scuba’s pioneering electronic music label will release Stolen, a special collaborative single from Paul Woolford and Psycatron, click here for the details.

Sleeparchive ‘Ronan Point’

The man responsible for putting the fear factor back into stripped techno returns, this time on Germany’s Tresor. As one would expect the result sounds a little like Surgeon getting nasty, sitting in that place dubstep came from, well before the MCs.

Psycatron ‘People In Glass Houses’

“We wanted to try something on a slightly dubbier tip than our usual fare and had been listening to lots of old European techno from the early 90’s at the time.” And they’re not kidding. Psycatron’s brief explanation of the thought process behind this release is pretty apt.

Sebrok & Tassilo ‘Maschine (& Sian Rmx)’

So this is Tresor resident Sebrok and Tassilo Ippenberger of Pan Pot appearing on Christian Smith’s Tronic imprint. If you can imagine what that sounds like, you’re probably not too far off the mark: dark techno driving with some urgency.

Various Artists ‘Retake One Vinyl Sampler’

On the heels of Panorama Bar and Tresor resident Dave DK’s November mix come three definite highlights to own on black plastic. Fine tech house cuts courtesy of the man behind the mix, Citycobra and Alex Bowman