Saytek ‘Live On Cubism Vol. 2’

Joseph Keevill’s alter-ego Saytek drops a live production bomb, melding jazzy and atmospheric house with party four fours and outright foot stomping tech.

Deepfunk & Acidulent ‘Cosmos EP (inc. Boom Merchant Remix)

Quality dubby techno, tech-house business that should serve more than a few record boxes well.

Sid Le Rock ‘Busted With A Bag Of Bliss Remixes 1’

Fairmont, Justin Robertson as The Deadstock 33s, Remain and Space Ranger take on tracks from Mr. Le Rock’s recent album, veering from sleazy electro to techno.

Peru, Like The Country ‘Assassinator Remixes’

Inspired by rock, sounding like not much we’ve heard in a while, techno based on prog rock is obviously a good idea if this package is anything to go by.

The Mole ‘Caregiver’

Canadian underground hero The Mole pops up to deliver his first album in four years, and it’s exactly the smoky, funky, bluesy offbeat tech house we hoped for.

Luke Black ‘Dry Flutter EP’

Quality stuff from Luke Black, who lays the foundations for a great EP of underground, solid, atmospheric but ultimately very danceable tech, make no mistake.

Ludowick ‘Get It Off’

Newcastle’s 22 Digit Records on an interesting deep house tip, with nods to dub techno and progressive more than audible throughout.

Ruff Cherry ‘The Section 31 EP’

Ruff Cherry / The Section 31 EP Vinyl / Digital  Elastic Dreams / Released April 2013   It’s always nice to see something quietly doing good things, and considering we’ve found time to positively review half the releases still-fledgling Bristol imprint Elastic Dreams has put out you’re probably clear on the fact we see this […]

Lorca ‘If I Told You’

Leeds house giants 2020 Vision continue their soon-to-be one year old new school imprint’s output with a trio of warm half house, kind of garage style workouts.

Ramian Tapia cooks up a storm with his Damping EP

Ramon Tapia – Damping EP Say What? Ramon Tapia has been crafting house and techno for almost a decade now. Labels like Virtual, Great Stuff, We Play House and many others have all come calling in that time, but for his latest release the Belgian artists appears on his own well respected Say What label. […]