East Village Announce 5th Birthday Line Up

QUENTIN HARRIS RETURNS TO EAST VILLAGE TO HEADLINE THEIR BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS When Stuart Patterson moved into Shoreditch and set up East Village, you just knew that the venue that only holds around 500 people, would be punching high above its weight with the level of artists that would be passing through. The small club with […]

Dirty Cucumbers, SHM “Irony”, Podcasts & Videos, Win Tickets & CDs, The top 5 nights out & the VERY best of the rest!

Hello folks – hope you are all not suffering too much from the effects of last weekend.. Time to fix up and look sharp as another one is here!! Lots on my mind this week – lots of pondering.  I tried to come up with a “witty” joke about disease riddled Spanish cucumbers (in case there are […]