Alexi Delano and Butane ‘What You See Is All There Is’

When not much happens but lots happens it’s often great, especially when Butane is involved. Alongside Alexi Delano, the Alphahouse boss is in fine form.

Various Artists ‘Little Helpers Vol. I: Mixed By Butane’

An understated mix of chugging locked techno grooves and deep but dirty house music B-sides makes for a refreshing change- well worth investigation.

Around the world in 80 labels: Butane and Someone Else – Little Helpers

Andrew Rasse, AKA Butane, steps up for himself and Sean O’Neal (AKA Someone Else), to talk about Little Helpers, a fine label of would be B-sides and DJ tools.

Kompakt to put out huge charity album

Ostgut Ton, Freude Am Tanzen, BPitch Control, Dial, and Optimo Music have all contributed work from the likes of Jahcoozi, Michael Mayer, Efdemin, Monkey Maffia, SCSI-9, and Someone Else. What’s more, all 34-tracks cost just €7.99. No excuses then.

Vollmer & Brendel ‘Influenze’

We’ve caught the Lust und Musik debutants red handed leaving some addictive toybox techno under our turntable tree. Remixes from Someone Else and Antonio Olivieri included in the box.