DC10, Wire & Fire In Session Present REBOOT // London // 16 Nov

On Saturday 16 November…DC7, WIRE & FIRE in session proudly presents: Reboot. Joining the German techno don will be a veritable FEAST of European Techno studs. Think: Italian powerhaus Sasha Carassi, DC7 resident Dema, Germany’s Marc Scholl, and a very special, and very juicy surprise guest. Tasty. Reboot AKA Frank Heinrich spearheads “the future sound of […]

The four pronged headline attack has Familia fans wanting more…

Familia has had a huge year this year, not only that its been an integral cog in the ever present wheel that is Egg club. As we walked into the Ground floor Drumcode’s Manic Brothers were in full swing, the crowd dancing furiously under the outer galactic production, their extended set whizzed by before reigns […]

Unrilis vinyl compilation will arrive for Christmas

Rino Cerrone’s imprint showcases why Naples is on the techno map, with Joseph Capriati, Sasha Carassi, and more ready to deliver dancefloor bombs.

Around the world in 80 labels: !Organism – Yan Stricker

Our tour of the planet’s most exciting imprints takes us to Switzerland, where one of Europe’s foremost purveyors of techno tinged with melody and electro edges offers words of wisdom on standing out from the crowd amid a sea of stiff competition. Say no more.

Various Artists ‘The Napoli Connection’

Adam Beyer’s Drumcode sets its sights away from Sweden to showcase some of the finer exports coming out of Italy’s west coast. Sasha Carassi, Luigi Madonna, Rino Cerrone and Mark Antonio all feature. Driving techno abound.