STUDIO 80 unveils Amsterdam Dance Event programme

This month, Studio 80  – one of Amsterdam’s foremost venues –  plays host to a jam packed rosta for the Amsterdam Dance Event. With a total of 8 labels and 49 artists shimmying in and out of the club over the course of 5 nights – there’ll be sonic joy guaranteed for every electronic tastebud. […]

Ramon Tapia becomes a house gangster…

Ramon Tapia – Intense I’m A House Gangster Fast rising Belgian producer Ramon Tapia takes a step up to the next level of his career with a new EP, Intense, for DJ Sneak’s influential I’m A House Gangster label. First up is Intense Idea, a loopy, deep track with churning bass and unnerving little effects […]

Ramian Tapia cooks up a storm with his Damping EP

Ramon Tapia – Damping EP Say What? Ramon Tapia has been crafting house and techno for almost a decade now. Labels like Virtual, Great Stuff, We Play House and many others have all come calling in that time, but for his latest release the Belgian artists appears on his own well respected Say What label. […]