Norwich City Guide

A night out in Norwich still remains to be the best bet if you’re an East Anglian. Its nearest competitors are Cambridge and Ipswich which both lack the variety of venues and choice of pubs and bars that Norwich has to offer. In recent months Norwich has seen a regeneration of its nightlife after a […]

The Warehouse Project- Afterlife.

Over the last few months The Warehouse Project Manchester has bought some of the most stellar line-ups ever seen in the UK, and now for the remainder of the WHP season the party doesn’t have to finish at 4am, as they launch ‘Afterlife’, the WHP official carry on. Free coaches will be on hand at […]

Manchester’s Warehouse Project is back!

..and selling out quick! The Warehouse project was launched in 2006,  and the idea of booking twenty five or thirty massive events and running  them one after the other solidly for three months in a temporary unused space in Manchester was definitely a brave one, but 4 years later The Warehouse Project events have become […]