Sexy new mix for valentines

Brody's Anti-valentines (Brody February Promo) by Brody on Mixcloud Something special for you guys. keep an eye on this guy he’s gonna be big this year.. heres BRODY’S mix made especially for valentines weekend. whether you’re a lover or hater of valentines day you will love this mix.. highly recomended by us ;-D

He wears a mask, he plays pre-mixed tracks. We’re bored.

The argument over fake DJs remains heated, with ongoing statements from either side of the warring factions. All we want to know is if anyone still cares?

Grant Nelson presents Departure Lounge ‘Time Ties’

Grant Nelson, a chap who’s familiar with words like UK, garage, Wishdokta, DJ, Vibes, and ‘ardcore, launches a new label to showcase a more soulful, deep house.

Session Victim prep debut LP…

Hauke Freer & Matthias Reilingm AKA Session Victim release The Haunted House of House in May via Delusions of Grandeur. Don’t be worry though, it’s not scary.

Around the world in 80 labels: Lower East – Cozzy D

Cozzy D, chief A&R at one of the UK’s most prominent young house labels, steps forward to answer a few questions on what exactly Lower East is all about.