Norwich City Guide

A night out in Norwich still remains to be the best bet if you’re an East Anglian. Its nearest competitors are Cambridge and Ipswich which both lack the variety of venues and choice of pubs and bars that Norwich has to offer. In recent months Norwich has seen a regeneration of its nightlife after a […]

Bloc adds more names to Minehead mashup

Fans of sleep and sanity should keep repeating “it’s only a three day festival, it’s only a three day festival, it’s only a three day festival…”

XOYO promises Everything Everything, and more

The latest addition to London looks to offer an educated music policy to match its arty vibe.

After the chaos, before the storm

All that lies between now and New Year is the promise of some heads down parties.

Bank Holiday Hotspots

For those of you who know the difference between being ‘nawty’ and just plain naughty, we’ve started from Thursday night.

No more Cream babies?

Clubland is turning into an adult, and growing up so fast

DJs in their room, Lady GaGa, Who? Who?, Stayin UP, 20:20, Jaded

Eeee oop! Rain rain go away don’t come back another day! Its bloody August for fecks sake! Right… Can anyone please tell me why I wake up with a different Lady GaGa record in my head like, EVERY morning?!! Its becoming odd esp when I haven’t even heard any of her stuff throughout the day! Answers on […]