Tony Rohr ‘Verb Is The Word’

Brookyn’s Tony Rohr responds to an open invitation from Cari Lekebusch with a deliciously infectious techno two-tracker on H Productions, our second favourite Swedish imprint.

Patrick Siech ‘Crude’

Drumcode take one step closer to the new year with yet another release of trademark techno. But with signature traits as tasty as Beyer’s imprint, who would ever ask for anything else?

J Alexander ‘Endless’

If Derrick May, Adam Beyer, Laurent Garnier and Timo Maas are all converted, then it’s safe to say something’s gone right.

John Tejada & Josh Humphrey ‘Pal 061’

Not too hard, not too soft, definitely techno, and almost certainly house. In short, what more do you want?